Holy Cow, I Stink At This Flirting Thing

Muppet t-shirt from Threadless.com of yesteryearI went to the grocery store the other morning. The guy working in produce (training another guy) says hi. We do the whole normal “how are you? — good, how are you?” exchange. Which is pretty much par for the course. Actually, it’s an above average interaction as far as my usual browse-the-green-leaf-and-on-sale-broccoli-crowns interactions go.

Then — then he compliments my Kermit T. Frog t-shirt. Which, admittedly, is pretty freaking awesome. Thanks Threadless.com of yester-year.

It’s not until five minutes later, when I’m standing in line at the deli counter for some sliced ham, that I think, “Wait! He’s cute! And age appropriate! And he initiated contact!”

Holy cow, I stink at this flirting thing.


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