You’re a Kdrama Fan, I Know You’ve Wondered About the Metal Chopsticks

Chopsticks via
Chopsticks via

If you’re a Kdrama fan like I’m a Kdrama fan, I know you’ve wondered about the prevalence of metal chopsticks.

I have several sets of my own, requested as Christmas gifts because that’s what they use on TV and here is the appropriate Amazon link and they’re dishwasher safe it’s awesome.  But sooner or later some American friend or relation says, “Isn’t that slippery? Don’t you want the wooden ones?”

Well, no. Duh. That’s not a part of Kdrama, so of course not. I will endure.

But obsession aside, there’s a reason for those metal chopsticks — and not just that stainless steal and dishwashers are friendly with each other. Thankfully, SnackFever’s blog explains. including a history of chopsticks’ origins in China 5,000 years ago.


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