How Do I . . . Save a Shared Playlist on Spotify?

Remember when you were a kid and they asked for your help programming the VCR? I do. These “How Do I . . . ?” posts are tech and tech-ish questions I’ve recently been asked with short, sweet answers and visuals.

I recently sent a friend several Spotify playlists I created. She could play them but, in her words, couldn’t figure out how to save them.

Simply put: Spotify doesn’t let you save playlists. It only lets you follow them. But following means the playlist will now show up among your playlists every time you login.

Saving music has a slightly different connotation to Spotify than following does (saving means the song or album will show up in Your Library whereas following is the term used for Playlists). But for the majority of us, if you want to save a playlist, remember to follow it.

Step-by-step Instructions to Follow a Shared Spotify Playlist

Go to wherever the shared link is. Spotify playlists can be shared on Facebook, by Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Telegram, Skype, Tumbler, or by URL in an email or webpage. In this example, the playlist was sent through Facebook Messenger.

Open the shared Spotify playlist

If you’re on a computer or laptop, clicking on the link in Messenger opens a browser window (whatever your machine’s default browser is). You may need to login to Spotify if you have not already done so. If you’re on a mobile device with a Spotify app, the playlist may open in the app (more on that later).

Once logged in, the shared playlist will be visible to you. Look for the word FOLLOW.

How to Save (or Follow) a Spotify playlist in a browser

Layouts may vary. In this illustration, the FOLLOW is near the bottom of the page beneath the green PLAY button.

Click FOLLOW and the shared playlist will be added to your playlists. Playlists are usually visible in the left-hand sidebar.

Once you’ve followed the playlist, the word FOLLOW will be immediately replaced with the word UNFOLLOW. 

If you want to remove this playlist from your collection of playlists, click UNFOLLOW.

How to Follow a Spotify Playlist in a Mobile App

If you’re using a mobile device that already has the Spotify app installed, it may open the shared playlist directly in the app depending on your settings. If it does, the option to FOLLOW is found immediately under the playlist’s title. In the image below, the title is Your Top Songs for 2017.

How to save (or follow) a Spotify playlist in the mobile app

Once you tap FOLLOW the text will immediately change to UNFOLLOW. Same as in the browser window, UNFOLLOW can be tapped in the app if you no longer want to keep this playlist among your personal playlists.

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