Done with the Ding

The ding of an incoming email used to give me a panic attack. Who was it? What did they want? Did I need to drop everything and answer them? Of course, I did. They expected it. I was providing good customer service by dropping all my work, interrupting my flow and telling them the thing they wanted to know, which was a thing that if they’d only given me a fricking day and a half they could have learned at the same time as everyone else when I made the announcement but now that was going to be at least two days because I kept getting interrupted.

The Good, the Bad, and the House Guest

I'm not the sort of person who really does house guests. At least not frequently or well. And when I have, at least half were memorably Bad Guests. Or Nerve Wracking Guests. Or Why-The-Hell-Did-I-Agree-To-This Guests.

Bring Your Lightsaber to Work Day

You know what more offices should engage in? A national Bring Your Lightsaber to Work Day.

I'm not not-advocating for casual Fridays, or dogs in the office, or kitchens where people can stand the smell long enough to eat. All those things are great. But honestly, a periodic lightsaber battle between co-workers really brightens up cubical living.

Holy Cow, I Stink At This Flirting Thing

Muppet t-shirt from of yesteryear

I went to the grocery store the other morning. The guy working in produce (training another guy) says hi. We do the whole normal "how are you? -- good, how are you?" exchange. Which is pretty much par for the course. Actually, it's an above average interaction as far as my usual browse-the-green-leaf-and-on-sale-broccoli-crowns interactions go. Then … Continue reading Holy Cow, I Stink At This Flirting Thing