When To Kill a Character

Let's talk about writing and story craft

In early 2016, I was ask to participate alongside other small press editors as a panelist in the day long event "Get Published! 2016" at the Herrick District Library in Holland, Michigan, hosted by MiFiWriters. The programming mainly focused on the mechanics of publication, so that's what I'd prepped for. But there were a couple … Continue reading When To Kill a Character

Writing What You Know and Researching What You Don’t

"Clips" photo by Dan Wiedbrauk of one-candle.com via Flickr

Beginning writers are often given the advice "write what you know." It's not a rule, not by a long shot. It's advice. And it's not even advice that applies  long-term. It's training wheels. When you're starting to write, you have a lot of brand new considerations to make. You're learning to balance craft -- storytelling, grammar, … Continue reading Writing What You Know and Researching What You Don’t