Holy Cow, I Stink At This Flirting Thing

Muppet t-shirt from Threadless.com of yesteryear

I went to the grocery store the other morning. The guy working in produce (training another guy) says hi. We do the whole normal "how are you? -- good, how are you?" exchange. Which is pretty much par for the course. Actually, it's an above average interaction as far as my usual browse-the-green-leaf-and-on-sale-broccoli-crowns interactions go. Then … Continue reading Holy Cow, I Stink At This Flirting Thing

Being Professional vs. Being Interesting: Why I Changed and Am Changing My Persona

Back before I had to have a professional persona, I used to think personality was king when it came to blogging. That's not entirely true. Content was king. But content is only interesting in one of two ways: (1) you're saying something relevant and informative and ideally it's new information and/or clearly stated, or (2) you're saying something old but with such personality and flair that people want to read you just for the fun of it.

Korean Drama (Podcast) Review: Oh My Ghost

A kdrama podcast! The first for this blog! The transcript (or a rough approximation thereof) can be found by looking at the previous blog post Korean Drama Review: Oh My Ghost. This podcast covers the same material, and opinions, just in audio form. Why? Because I enjoy playing with different forms of media. It turned … Continue reading Korean Drama (Podcast) Review: Oh My Ghost

Bring On the Boys (Over Flowers)

Meteor Garden and Boys Over Flowers

I’ve been watching Meteor Garden as well as the live action Japanese version of Boys Over Flowers, which I’ll refer to as Hana Yori Dango for clarity’s sake in this post. This brings me to three viewed adaptations total. While I’m not finished watching either of the above, and I’d really like to take a … Continue reading Bring On the Boys (Over Flowers)

Korean Drama Review: Oh My Ghost

Korean Drama Show Poster: Oh My Ghost

A drama that promised to combine the best parts of Pasta (the kitchen drama), The Master’s Sun (the crazy-but-loveable woman who can see ghosts), and Arrang and the Magistrate (the amnesiac ghost trying to discover who she was in life and the truth of her death, complete with shaman frenimy)—AND IT DELIVERED! On all these promises and more.

When To Kill a Character

Let's talk about writing and story craft

In early 2016, I was ask to participate alongside other small press editors as a panelist in the day long event "Get Published! 2016" at the Herrick District Library in Holland, Michigan, hosted by MiFiWriters. The programming mainly focused on the mechanics of publication, so that's what I'd prepped for. But there were a couple … Continue reading When To Kill a Character

Korean Drama Review: Splash Splash Love

Splash Splash Love is a two-part 2015 Korean web drama (I watched it on Viki). Yes, just two episodes. Totaling just under two-and-a-half hours, it's meatier than most feature films but briefer than most TV dramas. Consequently the focus stays tightly on the lead character without much visual "down time" or delving into secondary characters. But … Continue reading Korean Drama Review: Splash Splash Love

Writing What You Know and Researching What You Don’t

"Clips" photo by Dan Wiedbrauk of one-candle.com via Flickr

Beginning writers are often given the advice "write what you know." It's not a rule, not by a long shot. It's advice. And it's not even advice that applies  long-term. It's training wheels. When you're starting to write, you have a lot of brand new considerations to make. You're learning to balance craft -- storytelling, grammar, … Continue reading Writing What You Know and Researching What You Don’t