Korean Drama (Podcast) Review: Oh My Ghost

A kdrama podcast! The first for this blog! The transcript (or a rough approximation thereof) can be found by looking at the previous blog post Korean Drama Review: Oh My Ghost. This podcast covers the same material, and opinions, just in audio form. Why? Because I enjoy playing with different forms of media. It turned … Continue reading Korean Drama (Podcast) Review: Oh My Ghost

Bring On the Boys (Over Flowers)

Meteor Garden and Boys Over Flowers

I’ve been watching Meteor Garden as well as the live action Japanese version of Boys Over Flowers, which I’ll refer to as Hana Yori Dango for clarity’s sake in this post. This brings me to three viewed adaptations total. While I’m not finished watching either of the above, and I’d really like to take a … Continue reading Bring On the Boys (Over Flowers)

Korean Drama Review: Oh My Ghost

Korean Drama Show Poster: Oh My Ghost

A drama that promised to combine the best parts of Pasta (the kitchen drama), The Master’s Sun (the crazy-but-loveable woman who can see ghosts), and Arrang and the Magistrate (the amnesiac ghost trying to discover who she was in life and the truth of her death, complete with shaman frenimy)—AND IT DELIVERED! On all these promises and more.